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How this works for
federally regulated organizations

What you can do on this website

Get input on your accessibility projects

You can work on any projects related to accessibility on this website. This can be your organization’s Accessibility Plan or Report (as required under the Accessible Canada Act), or getting feedback on your customer service or accessibility in your workplace.

Learn more about getting input for your projects

Find Consultation Participants

Find people with disabilities, Deaf people and community organizations (for example, disability or other relevant civil society organizations, like Indigenous groups), to consult with on your accessibility project.

Access resources and trainings

We have a hub of resources and trainings. The materials can help you and your team deepen your understanding of disability and inclusion.

Tap into our support network

Accessibility Consultants could help you design consultations that are inclusive and accessible.

Community Connectors could help you connect with groups that may be hard to reach otherwise.

Community organizations could provide research, recommendations, and also support the interpretation of your consultation results to deepen your understanding of Deaf and disability access.

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